Get back to your old self.

My coaching programs are designed to help you create lasting change through powerful brain-altering techniques. My goal isn’t to make you a different person, it’s to help
the real you come through. 


The Reboot Program: Restart Your Life

Trying to change things on your own, but it's just not happening? It’s not a lack of willpower. It’s your wiring. This package is great for self-starters who just need to be pointed in the right direction. We’ll discover the reasons behind your struggles to create a customized plan that lets you finally break free and move forward. Whether it’s reworking your routines, dealing with unwanted emotions, or breaking a life-long habit, we’ll work together to get your brain back on your side.

  • Quick jumpstart: Non-intensive* program completed in one month
  • Customized plan to help you overcome your most pressing challenge or habit
  • Increase clarity and gain confidence in your ability to reach your potential. 
  • Learn neuroplastic methods to hack your mind going forward

The Overhaul Program: Change For Good.

Ready to transform your life? Three or six months- a whole lot of change. For those willing to find out that everything they know about themselves is wrong. We’ll dig deep to identify the faulty wiring you didn’t even know existed. You’ll learn how your brain works, plus loads of tips and methods to hack it yourself. By combining cognitive behavioral methods with neuroplastic techniques, you’ll move far beyond your own expectations.

  • Identify your neural wiring to overcome your most pressing habits, challenges, and issues.
  • Customized, iterative plans to adapt to your specific needs and goals
  • Continuous accountability and support for rapid results
  • Emerge clearer, closer to the person you always knew you could be
  • Learn neuroplastic tips and tricks to increase productivity and become an expert on the way your brain works and how to manage it.

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"Cat patiently listened, solved and identified my problems. She opened up solutions I didn't even know existed. The sessions changed my attitude and lifestyle. She help me see small miracles almost everyday. She is awesome!"

- Krutika H.