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Is Mental Clarity Worth Being The Annoying Gluten Free Person?

Most people assume that if they don’t have intestinal er, “issues” after eating gluten, they’re fine to carb out. Even if you don’t have any stomach problems and test negative for gluten sensitivity, that doesn’t mean it’s not inflammatory. Why? Nothing you put in your body affects just one system. Gluten affects your digestive tract and your brain. 

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What Doctors Are Doing To Your Brain (And How To Save It)

Most modern doctors treat symptoms, not sources. Unless you're seeing a trained nutritionist or holistic physician, your doctor may be a nutritionally illiterate, over-prescribing fiend. It's not that your average MD doesn't have your best interest at heart; a lack of nutritional education combined with a cracked, pressure-filled pharmaceutical industry has left the nation's most educated stuck and incapable of providing proper treatment. 

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