Meet the woman behind the brain.

Catherine Castellanos is a writer, traveler, yogi, outdoorsman, and coach in the emerging science of neuroplasticity.

In 2005, Cat was diagnosed with meningitis, the inflammation of the lining of the brain, a disease can kill in less than four hours. While she emerged physically unscathed, the inflammation left her in a light, “theta” sleep state- for ten years. But no one knew.

You know that groggy, “let me hit the snooze button just one more time” feeling?

That was her - all day, every day.

Conventional medicine did nothing to fight the constant exhaustion. Couch therapy only relieved tension and a rainbow of anti-depressants and mood stabilizers did a poor job of band-aiding the problem. 

Then, a chance run-in with a brilliant doctor led to six months of life-changing, experimental brain treatment and eye-opening exposure to the new science of neuroplasticity.

Hello, world.

Tired of coping and not living, Cat turned herself into a Laboratory of One to explore new concepts, treatments and therapies with the potential to create lasting change.

Today, Cat guinea pigs her way through both eastern and western medicine, doing things that continuously scare her mother.

These self-experiments enable her to find methods that will help others learn to treat their symptoms, prevent disease, and optimize their brains for a better life.