Catherine Castellanos

Whether it’s consulting companies on crisis management, creating customized crisis teams for individuals, or providing options beyond the scope of traditional medicine, Cat has one message: 

everyone goes through crisis, but you don’t have to go through it alone.


Meet Catherine

Born and raised in politics, her DC upbringing initially led her to The White House and CNN. While public relations taught her the art of mitigating crisis from an external standpoint, it was her own healing process - the study of neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality that proved the importance of mastering one's internal state. In 2017, Cat combined her unique skill set to form Sidestep Strategies, an inner-crisis management firm which creates customized teams to help high-profile individuals outlast even the direst of circumstances. In addition, she now works as a writer, speaker, and consultant for both individuals and companies.


What I Do


Creation of customized crisis-management teams to support individuals, utilizing both eastern and western practitioners.


Speaking and working within companies to help them prevent crisis through employee optimization and manage crisis amidst the current climate.


Alternative Health Advising:

Individual consulting to provide alternative therapies and treatments for those looking to heal from chronic illnesses, trauma, or simply optimize their mental performance.

Brand Development:

Content creation and consulting for emerging medical companies


for consulting & media inquiries:



It took a person like Cat to help me understand that there are better methods than medication to help with energy levels and physical well being. Her personal experiences and extensive research combined with her passion showed me how to change daily habits that have transformed how I feel on a daily basis.
— Nate C.
Cat supported me and taught me how to grow professionally in an environment that used to make me feel incapable. Now I have a new approach to solving problems and managing stress and I feel completely different!
— Juliette M.
When consulting Catherine for sleep advice I found her extremely well researched and discovered new tips to sleep soundly. Since I’m still recovering from surgery her advice was vital to my overall recovery process. I can’t wait to consult her further as I continue to heal
— Sarah K